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How lucky are this bunch of Young Engineers who got an exclusive private tour of the museum before it opened to the public. Have you seen ‘Night at the Museum’. Imagine having the entire museum all to ourselves. And then we got to make the coolest Dino Lego model as well. What a day!

What a fun day we had at the Canberra Miniature Railway. A morning full of learning about trains and playing with Lego. We want to thank everyone at Canberra Miniature Railway who helped us to put this event together and volunteered their time so that our little engineers’ curious minds can be enriched. The sparkels in our students eyes were enough for us to know that this event will be remembered forever. We can’t wait to visit the Canberra Miniature Railway again and enjoy this wonderful place created and managed by passionate group of volunteers. We hope one day our little engineers too help the communities in a meaningful way and become part of its growth. Thanks you! Till next time!

Our first Spring Holiday Camp held at Chapman Primary School was super fun! We built so many amazing LEGO models based on the theme of the day, learnt some coding, painted, played some games and had an awesome time together achieving the mission of the day. What was truly amazing to witness was the level of creativity and the problem-solving ability kids have if we just let them think freely. Our programs are not just about teaching engineering and learning to code. We aim at cultivating a mindset of curiosity and a sense of wonder so that our future generations can solve the problems of tomorrow.

How fun was it to make a Ferris Wheel on our own. After building the Ferris wheel students got the opportunity to enhance their model by adjusting the speed of the wheel, adding ramps, making sure the people on the Ferris wheel will not fall, etc.. When imagination meets the scientific explorations, children will amaze you with their innovations
Pheonix, Katana, Riley and Sebastian add their creativity to their Ferris Wheel. Our little innovators in the making! At Young Engineers workshops we engage with every student. That is the best way to see the potential of our kids and every time we are amazed by it!

Our Young Engineers not only build models. They get to explore the concepts they learnt and make sense of what they have learnt. Learning is more significant and effective when it is put into action. This hands-on approach is what makes Young Engineer’s program special. Listen to what this Young Engineer has to say about the Crane he built and how he figured out a way to increase its power transmission.

When we say edutainment, we mean it! How exciting was this week at Young Engineers After-school Clubs at Chapman Primary School, Yarralumla Primary School and Amaroo School. Learning is more profound when it is fun. We do not only learn STEM. Our students are encouraged to work in teams to achieve some key projects and solve problems together. Learning life skills are as important as STEM in our clubs.

Our after-school clubs at Chapman Primay School, Yarralumla Primary School and Amaroo School started with a ride to the amusement park. We challenged our young engineers to observe and build Pirate Ship that moved 360 degrees while learning about structures and what make the structures strong and stable. It’s amazing what children can achieve when you let their mind wonder!